I just read Michael Moss’ book SALT SUGAR FAT. It made me think about my weight problem and how my snacks are both my friends and foes.

The topic of weight loss for a blog, tv show, or in general is a great one. Oprah talked about it for many years and I found it to be interesting. I searched for “the one size fits all weight loss solution” on the internet this morning and I found nothing, but… the search is over. Here’s “the one size fits all weight loss solution” that, if you think about it, doesn’t make you give up anything:

Don’t eat snacks at snack time (10am and 2pm), eat snacks for lunch, and don’t eat lunch. Eat smaller dinners and a much bigger breakfasts at dinner time and breakfast time respectively. Is this making any sense to you? Dietitians please weigh-in.  So let’s all lose some weight, and let’s do it together, and I’m talking to all you who are fat and look unhealthy.

Video of “How To Eat Snacks for Lunch” can be found below. Not as easy as I expected, but effective nonetheless. Please let me know what diet plans you are on. Also try my diet plan and let me know if it works.

30 @ 30

For all of you who don’t know how facebook works. Basically its like email… recently I learned though…. it is all public. News to me. What happened was a friend sent me this article – forbes’ “30 under 30″ – and I sent a response to him saying “NICE!” and then all of a sudden a bunch of people were responding to what I had thought was an “email” and I started to get what are called “notifications”… Now I know that these “emails” are called “posts” and “likes” and that people will start “subscribing” to things instead of liking them… I learned that point later when my friend posted this article.

3 POINTERS about SOCIAL MEDIA that you should know: 1) what you see on your facebook, others do too. 2) social media is a complicated thing. 3) the responses I thought I was getting on the ’30 under 30′ article were not directed at me, they were actually directed at my friend who posted it.

Anyway here’s my response to the article – “30 under 30″.


It’s not everyday that you get interviewed by the New York Times about your blog… kind of amazing. Especially amazing to squeeze in an interview with the Carpetbagger while she is so busy with Oscar and Sundance related media things … Ben Affleck step aside please. Anyway nytimes wouldn’t let me post the video myself so I did a screen capture. Sorry for the bad sound.


Some ideas on how to participate before and during the next season of GAME OF THRONES. It’s all about interactive these days ….  I’m a bit concerned though… having watched the ‘Making Of’ for season 3 … some of the guys said it was going to be really  SEXY. I don’t feel sexy. Not today anyway.

P.S. Mackenzie Crook from THE OFFICE plays ORELL


Back from vacation and back to the daily grind. I got the dishes from last night done by 7am this morning. Pat myself on the back! Anyway, I have a lot of day left. Online courses are great for people like me who aren’t that interested in the subjects taught and would rather not leave the the coziness of home, but at the same time try and get some enrichment, while not losing the the freedom to take breaks when needed. Lots of great opportunities out there for all of us. Even though it feels really boring at times… it’s going to be an amazing for our children’s education and their children’s children’s educations… so our great grandchildren and even great great grandchildren will benefit from this amazing new future. Who knows maybe by then we can just do away with education all together.


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